I always start my blog up again with good intentions of blogging regularly, but it rarely happens. I guess my life has just become ... BLAH!

I have been up and down with my new healthy lifestyle. I have kept up with exercise, although with this heat, I find my shed/gym workouts aren't an every day thing. But, I have been out walking with the family, doing 2-3 laps around the local oval, and then around our town.

I have found that although my weight seems to have been up and down the past few weeks, I am happy that my measurements are going down each weigh-in week. I just wish the scales would be kind to me.

Diet - I haven't totally given up on the junk food / take away, but I have been wary of portion sizes, and when I have cooked meals, I've made healthier choices ie switching to cous-cous, instead of rice. And I've actually found I prefer cous-cous. It tastes yummy, and doesn't leave me feeling bloated.

My kidlets started their new school year yesterday. I now have a Year 6 girl & a Year 4 boy. I can't believe my kids are growing up this fast. 2 more years and my babygirl will be in high school *sniff sniff* Both settled in well, and so far, they are happy with their teachers. I am giving both the benefit of the doubt, as both teachers are young teachers, almost fresh out of University. Master9's teacher was at their school last year, but wasn't a homegroup teacher. I think she did lessons like PE & Literacy classes. So this year is her 1st time being a full-time classroom teacher. And Miss10's teacher was a student teacher last year, but she seems nice enough.

Other than that, the weather here has been H.O.T !!! The past 2 days temps were over 40C, and today & the rest of the week are forecast for mid to high 30's. YUCK! I am so not a Summer girl. I hate, hate, hate hot weather.

Let's hope this cool change they keep talking about comes in SOON!